Adds multi-tab functionality to Windows Explorer to improve work efficiency
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Do you recall those moments when after minutes of avidly performing a series of file management operations on your computer (like copying, deleting, renaming, or moving files around), a lot of folders remain opened on your desktop, and you can't even remember which ones you still need to keep open and which you don't? Clover is a small and neat utility that solves this problem. It adds tabs in the style of Google Chrome to the Windows File Explorer, making the navigating among Windows directories a lot easier, faster, and tidier. In other words, it makes the Windows Explorer look like the tabbed interface of Google Chrome, and it lets you quickly open, close, duplicate, and manage the tabs. There's even the Google Chrome-like right-click menu that shows up when right clicking a tab in the upper area (the tab-bar), letting you close only specific tabs or reopen closed tabs. Some basic hotkeys, like Ctrl+W for closing the current tab or Ctrl+Shift+T to open the lastly closed one, are also available. Even a neat bookmark manager is included.

Clover is also very simple and easy to use, once you get to install it. I have to mention this last condition, as actually getting this tool installed on your computer can be a surprising hassle. Its installer is in Chinese, so you will pretty much have to guess the buttons you're clicking on. The uninstaller is too in Chinese only. It's quite a big disappointment for an otherwise really nice and handy application. If it weren't for this downside, I would've been able to recommend this little tool with all my heart. Instead, I now have to wait until it gets updated and fixes this important problem.

Margie Smeer
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  • Re-opening of the closed tabs is possible.
  • Hotkeys to close, open, or reopen tabs.
  • Bookmark manager.


  • The interfaces of both the installer and the uninstaller of this tool are in Chinese, not in English, which makes installation or uninstallation of this tool very difficult for non-Chinese speakers.
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